How I Manage Stress

Life is stressful for many reasons. First, I'm a mom (I could just stop here because there is nothing more stressful then motherhood!), but I'm also a wife, business owner, and a 22 year old women that enjoys going out with friends, staying active, and trying new things. All of this is hard for me to manage. And if I'm being honest, I've been REALLY bad about managing everything and recently I've been feeling like I'm failing at least one part of my life 100% of the time. The last few months of moving and change has definitely caught up with me over this past week.  I feel like the only thing I'm good at right now is managing my business, even though my to-do list is 100 pages long and I feel like I'll never catch up. I'm stressed out about everything because I am SUPER unorganized, and I'm too tired from being stressed to focus on getting organized. I feel like I'm not making enough time for Aimery, or my business, and I am DEFINITELY not making time for my husband or the things I enjoy. So today I decided to write this post not only to help others with the stress of life, but also to remind myself how to manage my stress.


Do the Things you Love
This one sounds easy but it's the hardest. We all know that if we practice self-love by making time for what we love to do every day, we will be happy. I know that if I go to the gym every morning, I will be able to handle the stress that comes my way for the rest of the day. Maybe for you it's yoga, reading, or talking to a friend. Whatever it is, do it every day. Always make time. If you are a stay-at-home-mom and only have one hour during nap time, spend it on yourself instead of catching up on laundry. Make a priority to invest time in the things you love to do, because when you are happy it is SO much easier to manage stress. An old professor of mine once told me that you should have something to look forward to at least every 48 hours. So get on it guys!

Make time for others
Spending time investing in other people's lives helps manage stress because it keeps your focus off of your life and diverts it to the people around you. Instead of having too much of an inward focus, it is important to sometimes have an outward focus in life. Maybe for you this means going out to dinner with your girlfriends every Friday. Maybe you find joy in helping others so you volunteer at your church or in your community weekly. For me, something I want to start working on is making time for my husband. Away from my phone, not talking about work, REAL time with Dev to talk about ourselves and our relationship. Taking time away from what stresses you out will allow you to come back ready to take on whatever life has to give you.

Stay organized and block out time
This is something I need to start doing, because I know it will help me manage my own stress while making time for the things I care about. When Aimery is in day care, I know that I have up to 8 hours a day to get all the work that I need done. But a lot of the time, I spend the time that he is away cleaning up the kitchen, spending time with my husband, and doing basically everything besides work. When Aimery goes back to child care in September, I have promised myself that I will NOT work once Aimery gets home. The time that he is away is the only time I will allocate to blogging, responding to emails, and talking to clients. I'm starting to put this into practice now by spending nap time every day working on my blog. Every day, from 10:30AM-12PM I write blog posts and do other things that need my undivided attention because they are stressful to do while chasing him around while he's awake! Once Aimery goes to bed, that's time for me to spend time with Dev, with my friends, or do things for myself. 

Live an active, healthy lifestyle
Most of the time I feel like there is not enough hours in the day for this one. I haven't worked out in months, nor do I prioritize my health. Let's be real -- most of the time I make Aimery healthy lunches while I'm sitting there eating a piece of bread (with butter if I'm feeling fancy). I know the importance of making time for my health, and I still don't do it! And then I ask myself why I'm so stressed out all the time. It's because my body is stressed. Not only am I not making time for myself, but  I'm not making time for my health either. When we make time for our physical health, we are better able to manage our mental health.

Another way I live a healthy lifestyle is by taking homeopathic medicine with all-natural ingredients. When I get over-stressed I have headaches, and so instead of taking ibuprofen I've started to take Stress Relief from Genexa since it's USDA certified organic choice for medicine. I like taking Genexa instead of synthetic drugs, because Genexa is a homeopathic medicine that's mission is to make medicine healthier, so it is not harmful to your body or the environment. Genexa also has a great sleep aid called Sleepology that contains natural ingredients that are non-addictive to help sleeplessness. I can't sleep very well when I'm stressed, so taking these together definitely helps manage stress naturally. 

How do you manage your stress on a day-by-day basis? Comment below!