Hello! My name is
Summer SHORES.

I'm Summer! Single mama to Aimery, social media consultant, and lifestyle blogger here at Being Summer Shores. My passion for writing began shortly after Aimery was born, when I launched this blog as an outlet to share all of my daily inspirations that stem from my life's passions. I love using this blog as a way to connect with other first time mothers from all over the world. 

I have many passions in life; some of which include educating parents, consulting brands, + traveling the world. I recently graduated from Liberty University with a degree in Education, and I love being able to use my website as an outlet to educate parents on child development and living an all-natural lifestyle. I work full time in Social Media Marketing and absolutely love working with brands through consulting! You can read more about my consulting services here

If you are interested in working with me or want to see how I have collaborated with other brands, (or if you just want to say hi!) please contact me at: hello@beingsummerlewis.com