How I’m Staying Fit with BodyBoss Superfood Nutrition Guides

Making time for my health and fitness as a single mom is difficult. It’s hard to find ways to incorporate fitness into my daily routine when I’m balancing taking care of Aimery and running my business! Like I wrote about in this post, I’ve found an easy way for me to work out from home – even with Aimery! Over this last year, I have been keeping up with my workouts from the BodyBoss Ultimate Fitness Guide, and the workouts have definitely kept me in shape. This past week I decided to take my health to the next level by starting my BodyBoss Superfood Nutrition Guide journey while continuing the Fitness Guide.

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How we are Giving Back to our Community

I choose Huggies for Aimery because I know that I can always rely on Huggies for 12 hours of protection. When I change Aimery before he goes to bed at night, it's important that I don't have to worry about him leaking in the middle of the night. Huggies Snug & Dry offers four layers of protection in order to absorb moisture quickly! Huggies Snug & Dry also features a wetness indicator with fun Disney designs, so I know when it's time for my little one to be changed. Huggies Snug & Dry is available for sizes newborns up to size 6!

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Valentines Day Coffee Cart

My FAVORITE holiday is Valentines Day! I think it is just so beautiful being able to show extra love to the people in your life who matter the most. Growing up, my mom used to always decorate the house for valentines day and then we would eat waffles, strawberries, and ice cream for breakfast. I'm not sure why we did that every year, but it was something I always looked forward too when I was younger! I can't wait to celebrate that with Aimery this year. We started decorating early this year by turning our holiday coffee cart into a valentines day one!

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How I'm Staying Fit as a Single Mom

For the month of February, I have decided that I am going to be putting my health first. Like I wrote about in this post, the last four months have been really stressful with becoming a single mom and so I haven't been taking any time for my health and fitness. Becoming a single mom has definitely been giving me a lot of anxiety and has not only been affecting me emotionally, but also physically. My weight hasn't been consistent recently because I haven't made a plan for eating healthy or working out. I'm allowing myself to start over on February 1st, and really focus on meeting my health and fitness goals...

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My Top 5 Goals for 2018

At the end of every year, I like to reflect back on my last year and make goals to better
myself for the coming year. For 2018, the only thing I want is to be healthier. I don't have a
goal like wanting to lose 10 pounds or spend less money (although both of those would be
great!), but my goals are wanting to be healthier both physically and emotionally.

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Our Feeding Journey and Everything I Wish I Had Done Differently

Aimery is going to be 18 months old in a few weeks, which means it's time for the bottle to be taken away entirely! It also means that our 18 month feeding journey has finally come to an end. I say "finally" because unlike a lot of mothers, I did not enjoy going through the process of breastfeeding, pumping, formula feeding, etc. I know some women absolutely LOVE feeding their baby, and I find that to be absolutely beautiful. But it just wasn't me. I found feeding Aimery to be really stressful, which looking back I realize that I stressed myself out when I didn't have too. I think I was just a very overwhelmed first time mom! It also makes me realize the SO many things I'm going to do differently next time. Here is a little bit about our journey from breast to pump to bottle.

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New Season for Being Summer SHORES

The last four months have changed my life forever. If you have been keeping up with us on Instagram, you may have noticed that things have been, well, different. I went from sharing every single detail of my life to going weeks without saying anything on my blog or social media channels. Let me tell you the secret that I've been holding onto for the last few months. 

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25 Great Things that Happened in 2017

I can't believe that today is the last day of 2017. Where did the time go? This past year has definitely been the longest year of my life. It has changed me in every single way imaginable. There have been a lot of life changes and  difficult moments. But there have also been some amazing moments as well, so today I'll be focusing on those. Here are 25 of the best things about 2017.

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Exploring Miami with Mitsubishi

In December, I traveled to Miami and spent the weekend touring the beautiful city.  My trip was spent enjoying amazing restaurants, beautiful beaches, and the Wynwood Art District. I explored the city in the new 2018 Outlander Sport courtesy of Mitsubishi, and I fell in love with all the Outlander Sport's amazing features and highlighted them in the video below. 

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