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The most successful business owners understand the investment in asking for help. By handing over the tasks that no longer bring you joy, or are just overly time consuming, you have more time to make your business more successful. Being Agency works with creators, bloggers, and brands to help mark off things on that never ending to-do list you have, so you can focus on being creative. Whether you need help with Instagram management, Pinterest planning, newsletter drafting, graphic design... Being Agency is here to help!



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Summer is passionate about helping business owners grow their online presence. Two years ago, she started a social media management business and offered services such as virtual assistance, business consulting, and Instagram management for her clients. After working with over 100 successful clients, she decided to take her business to the next level by launching Being Agency. Being Agency is now a full service agency to help business owners with everything social media and digital marketing related, from social media management to graphic design. Let Being Agency help you be more creative!


instagram assistant


Our Instagram assistant service is great for bloggers and brands needing a little help staying engaged with their audience. We will organically manage and grow your account every day by using proven Instagram strategies to gain you more followers and allow your posts to be seen by more accounts. You can focus on being creative while we answer your direct messages, reply to comments, and even post on your behalf.


starting at $125/week

facebook assistant


Our Facebook Assistant service is great for bloggers and brands needing a little help staying engaged with their audience. We will organically manage and grow your account every day by posting on your behalf and creating engaging graphics. You can focus on being creative while we answer your direct messages, reply to comments, and engage with your audience.


starting at $100/week

Blog + Pinterest ASSISTANT


Our blog and Pinterest assistant service is great for bloggers looking to get more website clicks and comments. We will create and/or manage your Tailwind account, schedule your pins, and create graphics for your blog posts. By taking over your role in Pinterest tribes, comment threads, and click through threads, you will receive more engagement on your Pinterest and website.



Newsletter ASSISTANT

5 hours / week

Our newsletter assistant is perfect for bloggers looking to stay in better touch with their audience. We will send out weekly newsletters sharing your newest blog posts, freebies, giveaways, and more to keep your audience engaged. We are also able to help format opt-in forms on your website to get more subscribers.




5-10 hours/week

Our Pitching Assistant is perfect for bloggers who currently make their income through sponsored posts or are looking to become an influencer. We will sign you up for the best influencer networks, get you on hundreds of PR lists, in touch with talent agencies, and will pitch on your behalf to get you campaigns. Unlike having an agent, we do not earn commission based on the campaigns you earn.


starting at $150/week


Our Influencer Marketing Manager service is great for brands looking to increase their business ROI through influencer marketing. Allow us to set up your marketing campaigns on influencer platforms and through email pitching to advertise your products.


starting at $150/week

Virtual assistant

20 hours/week

Our Virtual Assistant service is great for bloggers looking to add someone to their team! Allow us to help with everyday tasks such as copyrighting, pitching, graphic design, and social planning.



Business Consulting

30 minutes

Summer is available for phone consultations to answer whatever questions you may have about Instagram growth, influencer marketing, and starting a website. After each phone conversation, Summer will send you a plan of action in order to reach your goals.




Running a small business can be difficult & sometimes I didn’t know how to do it all. Social media is always changing, algorithms, etc. I knew the essence of my brand, but wasn’t sure how to communicate it.... that’s where Summer came in. She is so easy to work with, professional & honest. She helped me put together a better plan for my business & helped me get my social media game back on track. Thank you Summer!
— Brittany
My account & blog had reached a plateau so after seeing her stories for months I finally decided to sign on with her agency! I gained 600 followers in just my first month & my engagement rate has tripled! You rock Summer!!
— Theresa G
As a business owner, Summer juggles professionalism & personability perfectly. I have complete trust in her, running my Instagram as well as Pinterest. My engagement rate has already gone up significantly. Can’t wait to see where you’ll take my account in a year!
— Jenna