Welcome to my blog!


A little about our family: 

It all began when I met Devanté Lewis at a hockey game during my sophomore year of college. After our first date, I told my college roommate that I wanted to marry a man just like him. Little did I know that nine months later we would be saying "I do" (crazy, right?!).

Since then, we have lived in 7 homes, traveled throughout the United States, Canada, Antigua, + the Bahamas, and had the most beautiful little boy, Aimery Keith Lewis. Currently, our family is living in a little home on Lake Ontario with our dog, Arsenal. 

A little about me:

I am a 21-year-old wife, mama, and recent graduate from Liberty University with a degree in Elementary Education and a minor in Psychology. I plan to continue my education with a masters degree within the next couple of years. When I am not chasing after my little one, I enjoy many passions in life; some of which include nutrition, child development, and beauty.

Nutrition is one of my interests because I am passionate about living an all-natural lifestyle for Aimery. I partner with only the best organic baby food companies, and I'm constantly researching to ensure that I am up to date with the best nutrition information for young children. As for child development, I became passionate about this subject during my time in university as many of my courses were focused on the psychology of development in children. Devanté and I practice positive development with Aimery through following the philosophy of attachment parenting. I am also an Independent Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay; for more information, please click here.

Why I blog:

Over the last few months, I transitioned my personal Instagram page into more of a lifestyle blog in order to document Aimery's life. What started out as a space to write daily thoughts, quickly turned into a passion with a community of other bloggers. Because of this, I decided to take it one step further and open a website.

I launched this blog as an outlet to share all of my daily inspirations that stem from my life's passions. Thank you for following me on this new journey! Please subscribe for future post notifications.