Eyelash Extensions: Everything you Need to Know

Most women will probably say that if they can only use one makeup product for the rest of their life, they will choose mascara. Now, what if you can wake up every morning with perfect, mascara-like lashes? Talk about an easy morning routine (or none at all)!

Over the last few years, eyelash extensions have transitioned from an up and coming beauty trend, into an everyday look. Odds are, you either know someone who has gotten lash extensions or have read about them online. I could not help but wonder if the hype was truly worth the cost - so I teamed up with Kim Labelle at LabelleLASH to try them out for myself!

Being a natural blonde, my lashes are almost white! With  LabelleLASH  extensions, my lashes were visable + longer than ever before!

Being a natural blonde, my lashes are almost white! With LabelleLASH extensions, my lashes were visable + longer than ever before!


There are a lot of decisions to make prior to getting your set of extensions. From lash material, to length, to curl and shape; the possibilities are almost endless. Most places will offer material options such as mink, silk, fox, and synthetic lashes. Length varies from 7mm to 15mm, depending on how long you want your lashes to be. Next up is choosing a curl that matches your personality. For a more classic look, choose J, B, or L; for a dramatic look, choose a DD, D, CC, or C curl.  As you can tell from my lashes, I decided to go with a more dramatic look.

The process takes anywhere from 1.5-3 hours and requires you to lie down with your eyes shut. The lash technician will use a beauty glue to apply each individual lash, one-by-one, to your natural lashes. Normally, tweezers are used to ensure each lash is correctly glued on. Although the application process is long, it is extremely relaxing! Just remember -- Rome wasn't built in a day, ladies!

LabelleLASH  Eyelash Extensions: Before + After 

LabelleLASH Eyelash Extensions: Before + After 


This is where the hard part begins! After getting eyelash extensions, you can not get them wet for 24 hours; in order to make sure that the glue has plenty of time to set. This means there shall be no: showering, swimming, steam rooms (sorry ladies), or opening a dishwasher on the dry cycle (from personal experience!). Your technician will also recommend that you do not use eyeliner or mascara while having extensions. The chemicals in your makeup can loosen the glue that holds your extensions in place. Also, be sure to only use oil-free face wash and makeup remover (I recommend using this one). Eyelash extensions normally last up to 6 weeks, but it is recommended that you get them filled in every 2-3 weeks, depending on how quickly your eyelashes grow.

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Be sure to follow LabelleLASH Instagram and Facebook


The Verdict
After trying eyelash extensions, I can definitely say that I am obsessed! I now understand why it is such an addicting trend! Eyelash extensions will run you from anywhere between75$ - 300$, depending on what kind of set you want and where you live. Even though at this stage of life I will probably not get lash extension on a monthly basis (ahem, student loans), I will definitely continue to get them for a special occasions!

Eyelash Extensions curtesy of  LabelleLASH

Eyelash Extensions curtesy of LabelleLASH


To book your LabelleLASH appointment, call Kim at (905) 580-2906 to get your set of eyelash extensions today!