How to Throw the BEST Dinner Party // Moes Southwest Grill


We threw Aimery a surf's up first birthday party this past weekend! We invited our closest friends and family over for dinner at my family's home in York, Pennsylvania. It was so fun to have everyone come together to celebrate Aimery's first year of life! It isn't often that we are able to have all of our family together, so I'm happy we decided to throw Aimery this party! You can read more about his first birthday party here.

With everything going on lately, the last thing I wanted to stress about was having to make dinner for Aimery's party. Let's be real -- planning a party is hard enough without having to deal with making food for 30+ people. And talk about time consuming! I was running around like a crazy person the day of his party having to pick up all the things -- balloons, extra party decorations, ice, the list goes on and on! One thing I DIDN'T have to worry about this time was the food. Let me tell you, it was such a relief coming home from a busy day of errands to see our Moe's Caterer setting up everything we needed in the kitchen. Moes Southwest Grill provided us everything we needed, including the paper plates which I forgot to add to my grocery list. 🙈


I decided to order Moe's most popular menu, the Fajita Bar, and it did not disappoint! Moe's Fajita Bar comes with a choice of protein (I went with chicken and steak), rice, pinto and black beans, mixed onions and peppers, shredded cheese, shredded lettuce, sour cream, guacamole, pico de gallo, and chips with three different types of salsa (two medium and one mild). The Fajita Bar was perfect -- the adults made fajitas, and some of the kids made mini quesadillas and nachos in the microwave! I told Moe's that we would have 30 people in attendance, and even though we had more (this always seems to happen), there was still a week of leftovers! Yay, no cooking for me!


Aimery ate three plates of Moe's and was absolutely OBSESSED with the chicken! Every single person at the party (even the kids!) were able to choose whatever they wanted and everyone was happy. Oh yeah -- and since Moe's provided everything from plates to containers, there was no clean up! All I had to do was put a lid over everything and stick it in the fridge. I spent all of my time making memories with Aimery on his birthday INSTEAD of preparing food, setting up, and cleaning up. It was the best day ever. ❤️


Moe's Southwest Grill has many different options when it comes to catering, including: Burrito, Fajita Bar, Salad Bar, and Taco Bar! Moe's also delivers Burrito Boxes which are perfect for school and sporting events! You can also order some crowd pleasers like extra dips, drinks, or desserts so everyone is happy! Moe's makes it easy to order both on the phone or online. I will DEFINITELY be ordering Moe's again for our next event!


Thanks again to Moe's Southwest Grill in York, Pennsylvania for sponsoring Aimery's first birthday party!