Back to School Tips with adidas

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This year is the first that Aimery will be going to school full day! I’m just as excited as I am nervous, but above all I’m shocked at how fast he’s growing up! It’s so cool to see him developing his own personality and preferences. Now that he’s older, he’s been taking more of an active role in preparing for back to school, where does the time go?!



Back to school season is always the busiest time for our family! While preparing for the year and adjusting to new schedules, staying organized is crucial. I try my best to be proactive and plan out our laundry schedules, grocery store pick-ups, and family activities ahead of time!



Aimery has been wanting to be more and more independent this summer, and is even beginning to develop his own personal style. He’s obsessed with adidas and has asked for their clothes by name when we go to the mall! During our latest back to school shopping spree, I let Aimery pick out some things for the new school year! We got him sports graphic tees for gym class and recess. We also got the Colorblock Jacket Set and Aimery looks so cute in it! I love that it’s an easy outfit for Aims to put together himself and it coordinates! One of his favorite things to do is wear his jacket set to soccer practice! It makes me so happy seeing him so confident, rocking his new look! Finally, It’s never too early to pick up a great winter jackets They had the perfect one in his size and I couldn’t resist! His winter jacket keeps him warm but it is also still extremely flexible and comfortable so he doesn’t feel smothered. I really appreciate that his jacket is heavy duty for really cold days.


Since Aims is going to school full day, it’s the first year that I get to pack him lunches. I’m already planning all kinds of ideas to make sure he’s eating foods that taste great but are also great for him. With so many allergies and dietary preferences, I always to try pack things that are safe for him to eat around his friends so no one feels left out. I pack Aimery's school lunch the night before so I can slip it in his backpack right before he leaves, and it gives me less to worry about in the morning. 



Of course going back-to-school wouldn’t be complete without a backpack! I love Aimery using an adidas backpack because not only are they stylish, but they are so durable. I literally put everything in his backpack from books to snacks and extra clothes, and I am so happy that the backpack holds up so well to get him through an entire school year! Have you ordered your child’s backpack yet? If not, here’s a link to snatch one before school starts!

Seeing Aimery wear adidas makes me so happy. Looking so stylish is a great way to start our morning on the right foot! adidas kid's clothing is comfortable, breathable and perfect for school, recess, and even hanging out at home.


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