The Best Fish Tacos in Miami

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If you have been following along on my Instagram stories recently, you'll know that I have been doing a LOT of traveling! Aimery and I were living in the Miami area this fall, and then last month we moved to my hometown in Lancaster to spend some time with my family. Although we are planning on settling in Pennsylvania for a while, I will still visit Miami every month because it's definitely one of my favorite places. The nightlife, art, and food are all to DIE for. Speaking of food, during my last trip to Miami a few weeks ago, I stopped by Rubio's Coastal Grill to try out their new Langostino Lobster Tacos. Let me just tell you, they are the BEST fish tacos in Miami! If you live in South Florida, or plan to visit soon, you have to go try them out!

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Rubio's Coastal Grill has incredible fish and shrimp tacos. I love Rubio's because they have fresh and healthy options. They use great ingredients that are free from additives and MSG. I was happy when I found out that Rubio's doesn't use MSG in their food, because it gives me migraines. It's not easy to find restaurants that keep MSG out of their food, so it's great to have an awesome option for when I go out to eat with my friends!

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The Salsa Verde Shrimp Taco, Mango Wild Ono Taco, and Langostino Lobster Taco are just a few of the menu options at Rubio Costal Grill. My favorite taco at Rubio's was hands-down the Langostino Lobster Taco. It was served with sliced avocado, crisp cabbage, and a creamy sauce. I wish I could eat it every day for lunch! Have you ever had a seafood burrito? I haven't, but I'm definitely trying it out the next time I'm at Rubio's because that sounds AMAZING as well!

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Is there anything better then free tacos?! Rubio's Coastal Grill wants EVERYONE to try their amazing tacos, so they are running a promotion on their website for a coupon for a free taco. All you have to do is click here and go get your free taco at your local Rubio's Coastal Grill! Check out this link to see if there is one near you.

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This post is sponsored by Rubio's Coastal Grill. Thank you for supporting the brands who support this blog! All opinions are my own.