BSL Consulting: Everything you Need to Know

Some of you know that I recently launched Being Summer Lewis Consulting as a way to help influencers, bloggers, and businesses grow their social media platforms. You may have read my Instagram how-to posts, and wonder how you can use the information from my blog posts about Instagram to increase your following. 

Many of us that work with social media know that Instagram recently changed their algorithm which makes it harder for people to see our posts. But just because it's harder, doesn't mean that it is impossible. It's actually pretty easy -- you just have to change the way that you look at Instagram so you are able to grow through the changes with the algorithm.

How many followers should you REALLY be getting?
One of the most popular questions I get from people trying to grow their Instagram pages is how fast they should be growing. I know for a fact that any person serious about growing their Instagram page, even if they only work on it part time, can be gaining at LEAST 2,000-4,000 new, and engaged followers every month. This also means your likes/comments should be increasing as well! If your account has been stuck since the algorithm change; chances are you think that you are doing everything right without seeing much following in return! With BSL Consulting, we help you change the way you look at Instagram so you can use the new algorithm to grow your following. 

What happens in your first BSL consulting session?
Before every session, I will take a few days to analyze your profile and posts in order to help you create a plan in our session. We will then talk on the phone, face time, or DM (whatever you are most comfortable with) for 30 minutes, although most consulting sessions go over that time because I love talking to people about Instagram! 

During this time, we will talk about your image for your brand and the goals that you have. There will also be time to ask any questions that you may have about working on social media. We will then create a plan to boost your following and reach your goals! For bloggers, I focus on helping you go from simply being popular on Instagram to growing your following in order to get more website hits on your blog. For influencers, I will help you to start creating a media kit, rate card, and explain how you can pitch to brands in order to make a career in social media marketing. For businesses, I will focus on helping you to increase your business's ROI through setting up a plan based on your needs to help you publicize your products and take your brand awareness to a whole new level.

After every session, I will send you a plan via email that we discussed during our session, along with any information that we talked about that you will need to remember later!

Will I need more then one session?
Although my goal is to give you all of the information you need during one consulting session, you may find that after a month or so, you all ready reached the goals we created during our session! I mean, I'm pretty awesome at what I do so it might be even sooner! 😎 In this case, you may want to have another session together for more long-term goals and other questions you thought of after our session. Feel free to sign up for another session with BSL Consulting, and who knows, returning costumers may even get some perks 😉.


I can't wait to help you grow your Instagram and give you information on how to make social media work for you. If you are interested in Being Summer Lewis Consulting, check out my BSL Consulting page here. For the rest of this week, I'm giving all of my followers $50 off their first session to say thank you for following my journey. ❤️