The Best Adult-Only All-Inclusive Resort in Antigua

The best adult only all-inclusive resort in Antigua is Cocobay Resort. The numerous pools, beaches, and spa (which included couples massages!) did not disappoint. In the morning, there was a gorgeous all you can eat breakfast with rum punch (my personal favorite way to start the day). There were omelettes, so much fruit, and yummy pastries to snack on! We watched the birds fly over the ocean while eating, and the view was absolutely beautiful!


After eating, we took a tour around the resort. The beautiful lookouts, gorgeous pools, and incredible beaches were just the beginning. There was a genuine relaxed feel to this resort -- I truly felt at peace while laying in the hammock overlooking the ocean. But look for yourself-- the pictures really do all the talking!


One thing that sets Cocobay Resort apart is the island feel the resort has. They truly incorporate island life well through their decor and landscape. Speaking of, there are fresh coconuts EVERYWHERE. I found this one on a private space away from the main beach. It had such a cute path into the ocean. I couldn't help but hope someone would propose there because it would be picture perfect. Instead I decided to skip along the stones as if I were a little girl. All the stress of life simply slipped away at Cocobay Resort, as you can see. 


Cocobay makes it easy to relax. I mean, look at this scenery! I have never seen a more beautiful spot on this little island of Antigua then right here. It's so nice being able to truly relax while on vacation and get away from the craziness of normal life. Along with relaxing, Cocobay offers some activities such as kayaking, snorkelling, guided nature walks, fitness and yoga, live entertainment (5-6 days/week) and Sunfish and Hobbie Cat Sailing. And my personal favorite? The spa! Click that subscribe button because I'm going to be posting about that soon!


When we checked into our room, I was totally in love! Not only was it the cutest cottage in the entire world, but it had an AMAZING view and personal pool. The whole space was very open as the bedroom backed up to the pool and the bathroom opened to the porch. The greenery, view of the ocean, and mountains in the distance were almost too beautiful to believe. The only question I had for the staff was, "So... can I live here?"


After checking out all that our room had to offer, and spending a few hours in our pool, we left to explore more of this fun resort. Next on the list was visiting one of Antigua's most beautiful beaches which was located right on Cocobay Resort! The crystal blue water, white sand, and gorgeous scenery made this beach one of my new favorites.

You can see pictures of the amazing beach below, but first check out the friend I met along the way to the water ;)


Do you prefer the beach or the pool? Doesn't really matter because Cocobay Resort has multiple of both! Personally, I like hopping from one to the next. Sometimes after hanging out in the waves I like to relax in the pool before calling it a day. On that note, take a look at some of the other infinity pools that Cocobay has on their resort!


What would an all-inclusive resort stay be without the all you can drink service? Not much fun, thats what! After a long day exploring the island, hanging out at the beach, and swimming in the pools -- it is so nice being able to hang out at the bar, maybe order some food and have a drink (or two in my case!).


Cocobay Resort was as good as I thought it was going to be and at then at least a thousand times better! It is definitely the top resort I have ever been too, and you definitely can expect another blog post written about our next stay there sometime soon!