Easy Sunday Brunch

Thank you Bibigo for sponsoring this post. Visit your local market to enjoy the flavors of Bibigo any day of the week!

Growing up, my family always gathered around the table for Sunday brunch. It was an easy way for us to all spend time together and connect before each week started. No matter how busy our schedules might have been, we always stopped for Sunday brunch and made time for each other! Throughout the years, I have continued to have weekend brunch with my friends and family, and I love finding quick and unique ideas to make brunch more fun! Since most of my friends come from diverse cultural backgrounds, we love to incorporate those into our Sunday brunch so we can try new foods from all around the world.


Today, we decided to discover Korean food! We wanted something easy to prepare, so we went with Bibigo’s Mandu Beef and Vegetable Dumplings and Mini Chicken and Vegetable Wontons. Both dumplings and wontons are definitely brunch must-haves because they allowed us to easily share our excitement of Korean food together! Bibigo’s frozen dumplings are perfect for any occasion - whether you are searching for a snack, bringing a tasty appetizer to a party, or even while making a tapas-style meal!


Whenever we make brunch, we always aim for 30-minute (or less) meals! We kept this brunch simple by pairing our dumplings and wontons with Korean steamed rice to really bring our meal together! Bibigo’s Go-Chu-Jang sauces also pair really well with this brunch! The delicious Hot & Spicy, Mayo & BBQ sauces bring authentic Korean flavors to your meal. You can check out Bibigo’s product page here to learn more about what they have to offer!


I love that Bibigo allows my friends and I to discover and share Korean food together! It was so fun putting together this brunch that allowed us to spend time with each other, all the while creating a quick and easy meal. What are your tips for an easy Sunday brunch? comment before!

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