This craft was inspired by  Simple Everyday Mom .

This craft was inspired by Simple Everyday Mom.

This super cute Handprint Bunny Craft is so fun for kids, especially with Easter coming up! We had some leftover California Walnuts and I thought it would be so cute to paint them pink for little bunny noses. Here’s how you can quickly make this craft with your little ones!

  1. Cut out a piece of paper in shape of the bunny’s head and ears. Next, trace your little one’s handprint twice onto colored paper and cut.

  2. Glue the inside of the bunny’s ear onto the handprints. Then, glue the handprint to the back of the bunny’s head.

  3. Paint leftover walnuts pink (Aimery’s favorite part, LOL) once dry, glue to bunny’s face.

  4. Cut the 3 white pipe cleaners in half and glue just below the bunny’s nose.

Have fun!