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Ever since I started blogging, I have been worried about personal identity theft. I give my address and social security number to hundreds of companies that I work for every year, and I’m always a little hesitant to send my personal information to people I have never even met! I have also been worried about email phishing, which is used by scammers to gain access to valuable personal information like account numbers, login IDs, and passwords that leaves victims bankrupt. I couldn’t imagine losing my life savings in a twinkle of an eye to a person who never put a single effort to my work! I started looking into ways to protect both myself and Aimery against family identity theft. Keep reading to see how Identron is protecting my family with a one million dollar protection-restoration insurance policy.


How Does Identron Work?

Identron plans for your identity protection enlightens, organizes, and protects your family against identity theft. Getting started for Identron is quick and straightforward! You simply answer a few questions and then Identron then scans your personal information and determines the risk level of vulnerability to identity theft. Identron watches out for suspicious activity related to personal identification information, and will give you financial assurance for recovery cost of one million dollars in case of identity theft. They even provide you help through Deenie, which is a webcam privacy cover to prevent hackers from peeping through your webcam!


Identron Protection Plans

Identron protection plans range from Essential, Complete and Parent and range from just $9-$24 per month. Identron goes an extra mile to ensure your identity protection and restoration. Here is what every plan covers!

The essential plan

  • Credit Bureau Monitoring, Activity Alerts, and Inquiry Alerts

  • SSN Monitoring and Alerts

  • Dark Web Monitoring

  • US Based ID Restoration Team

  • one million dollar protection-restoration insurance policy

The complete plan

  • Everything included in the Complete Plan

  • Sex Offender Registry

  • USA Change of Address Updates

  • Credit Card Monitoring

  • DNA/Fingerprint/ID Kit

  • RFID Credit Card Covers

  • Webcam Privacy Cover

  • Bank Account Monitoring/Annual Bureau Report and Score accompanied by Transunion, Experian, and Equifax.

 Parenting plan

  • Everything included in the Essential Plan

  • Phone and email monitoring

  • Child Lock protection which covers four children’s social security numbers


Identron is the ultimate solution when it comes to handling the fear of identity theft. Identron is always at your service to protect your family. Sign up using this link!