5 Must-Have Products While Traveling with a Baby

Our little family moved to Antigua this month (read more about that here)! This most recent excursion of ours was the first time Aimery traveled by airplane, let alone overseas, and we had NO idea what to expect! Let me just say this -- traveling with a baby is not easy! Thankfully, I found five things that helped us make traveling a whole lot easier! It is tough to know what you might need when travelling with a young child, but I am so greatful for these products.

GoPad Diaper Changer

The GoPad Diaper Changer is now my favorite changing pad! I absolutely loved being able to put all of Aimery's changing needs into one place, and not have to worry about bringing a bulky diaper bag with us on a plane! It's large enough to fit diapers, wipes, extra bags, ointment, and clothes, but it's small enough to go into any backpack or purse! I kept it with me on the plane next to my seat and it was great not having to worry about bringing a whole bag of things to the tiny airplane bathroom when I needed to change him (which happened way too many times during the 4 hour flight). 

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Stroller Comfort Canopy

I am so happy that we decided to bring a Stroller Comfort Canopy to Antigua because it protected Aimery from the sun, bugs, and germs while traveling. It provided me with great peace of mind when we were using it, because it allowed me to have one less thing to stress about. I knew Aimery was safe in the Canopy from 98% of UV rays, along with being separated from the spread of germs -- especially in airports (no thank you!). In my opinion, the best part about this canopy is that it blocks strangers from getting in your baby's personal space. Another great thing about this product is that it allows for easy access whenever I want to take Aimery in and out of the stroller. 

Shop Stroller Comfort Canopy here.

QUIET Portable Sleep Machine (Shh)

This portable sleep machine was a lifesaver for naps on the go. The machine plays three sounds perfect for calming down, lulling them to sleep, and keeping them asleep. It's portable, battery operated and perfect for traveling because the sleep machine is so small that it can fit anywhere! Not to mention, it gave Aimery hours of entertainment as he loved rolling it around on the floor and playing with it. It has a setting that sounds like the ocean's waves. It's almost as good as the real thing for getting Aimery to sleep. Maybe even better, because we don't need to be at the beach!

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 GoBoost Travel Booster Seat

To be honest, I was a little uncertain about this booster seat at first! My ten month old weighs 30 pounds (crazy, I know), so when I opened the booster seat, I thought "no way is this going to hold Aimery". It was just so small and I was worried that he wasn't going to fit! To my surprise, this booster seat is not only extremely secure (more so then the bulky one we used to have), but it holds Aimery even when he's trying to jump out! The GoBoost actually can hold a baby or toddler up to 50 pounds because of its strong, internal frame.  I wish I would have found this booster seat earlier because it would have helped with a lot of the hassle associated with bringing our high chair to our extended family's homes for every visit. This booster seat could literally fit in my backpack! Like what.

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Fresh Food Feeder

I'm so happy that we brought along a few Fresh Food Feeders for Aimery, because they made meal times so much easier! This award-winning product is perfect for babies still learning how to eat fruit, vegetables, or meat without the risk of chocking. Simply place your little one's favorite food into the mesh bag and close for a mess-free eating experience!

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What are your must-have products while traveling with a baby? Comment below!




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