How to Help your Baby Breathe Better

As many of you know, Aimery and I moved to Pennsylvania this winter after living in tropical places for the last year. After living in such a warm climate, I knew that we probably wouldn't be able to make it through the winter without getting sick, and was I right! Aimery and I have both already gotten a cold over the last few months. We definitely weren't made for a cold climate!

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Aimery got sick the first week we moved to Pennsylvania. The stress of moving, teething, and colder temperatures were definitely too much for him! His cold turned into an ear infection (which is pretty common for babies). He was really congested and had such a hard time breathing -- which made sleeping through the night nearly impossible (for both of us!). When Aimery was younger, we used a nasal aspirator to help him breathe. In my opinion, it never seemed to really work, and Aimery HATED it. Thankfully, I found a better option that works so much better for us! The Nosiboo Pro Nasal Aspirator is an electric nasal aspirator that removes mucus from the nasal passageways quickly and safely. 

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When babies are sick, it is really important to keep their nasal passages clean. Nasal mucus can get infected so quickly in babies, which commonly will lead to inflammation of the ears or sinuses. By using the Nosiboo Pro Nasal Aspirator, you can keep the nasal passages clean and protect your little one from illnesses. The Nosiboo Pro is great for children until the age of 6. Noiboo also has a nasal aspirator that is great for babies until the age of 4. You can find the Nosiboo Baby Nasal Aspirator ECO here

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The Nosiboo Pro Nasal Aspirator is gentle enough to give your little one a comfortable experience and not cause any damage thanks to the BPA-free plastic head and silicon nose tip. This allows the nasal mucous membrane to not be irritated while removing mucus. This electric aspirator is strong enough to remove the blockage so they can breathe better while sick! You can even adjust the suction power on the Nosiboo as your child gets older to remove thicker mucus. You can use Nosiboo as often as needed to help clean your baby's nasal passages, but always consult your healthcare provider about how often you should clear your little one's nose. 


I love this product because it's super easy to clean. Simply wash the Colibri head under running water and wipe the connecting tube if necessary. This is a perfect holiday gift for any new mom or mama-to-be! You can purchase Nosiboo products on Amazon here.


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