Our Favorite Summer Snack Ideas

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Summer is finally here! Aimery had his last day of school last week, and now that we are home from our vacation, we are establishing our summer routine! Aimery’s school offers summer preschool two days a week, so he will still be keeping up with some consistency during the summer. When he isn’t at preschool, I like him to spend most of his days outside. We recently got a season’s pass to a nearby amusement park that has a waterpark, so we will be doing a bunch of road trips to the park! I also plan to get him a blow up pool so he can have his friends over to swim! With all of the running around he will be doing, I have been running to Walmart to stock up TONS of snacks for him. Keep reading for our favorite summer snack ideas!


Our favorite summer snack ideas:

  • Smoothies with frozen fruit

  • Fruit cups

  • Greek yogurt and granola

  • Homemade fruit popsicles



Our favorite snack lately has been GOOD THiNS! Since I am gluten sensitive, it’s always great to find yummy snacks that are gluten-free so I can enjoy them with my family. The new gluten-free GOOD THiNS are available at your local Walmart and also through the Walmart Online Grocery Pick Up! It was so convenient to pick up the new Three Cheese flavor at our local Walmart in the snack/cracker aisle. GOOD THiNS offer an assortment of gluten-free varieties that are packed full of robust flavors made with no artificial colors, flavors, or high fructose corn syrup. They make for a perfect anytime snack for Aimery to fuel playtime (and mama running after him) whether we are at home or on the go!


The GOOD THiNS varieties are great for traveling, and would make a perfect road trip snack for the whole family. I also toss a bag of them into Aimery’s bag as part of a well-balanced lunch on the days that he goes to school during the summer! Be sure to pick up new gluten-free GOOD THiNS varieties in-store through Walmart Online Grocery Pick Up!

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