What are Support Pods and How Can I Network with other Bloggers? BSL Community.


My previous post, How to Gain 10K Followers on Instagram in Less than 5 Months, received so many questions about Support Pods! If you have been in the social media/blogger scene for a while, then I'm sure you've heard all about these pods. If you haven't, or you are looking to join more pods, then keep reading! 

What are support pods?

Pods are support groups normally made of 15 accounts or more that commit to engaging with your posts. The purpose of these groups is to make full use of Instagram's algorithms by receiving immediate engagement on posts, which bounces your post to the top of everyone's feed -- brilliant! 

What types of pods are there?

  • An Instagram "like pod" of 2-15 accounts that like every new photo a member uploads.
  • An Instagram "support pod" of normally 15 accounts that follow, like, and comment on every photo. Members of the pod will send their photo/feature directly to the group and members commit to engaging before posting their own.
  • A text or Facebook "boost group" of infinite accounts that follow, like, and comment on every photo sent as a link. Members of the pod will send their photo/feature directly to the group and members commit to engaging before posting their own.

What benefits are there for being in a pod?

  • Getting more engagement on your posts -- Because members of each pod commit to following, liking, and commenting on your posts, you can expect to receive engagement on each post that you share with your pod. These engagements will benefit your insights through higher impressions, likes, and comments. 
  •  Using Instagram's algorithms for your benefit -- These engagements will allow your post to be brought to the top of your follower's feed, be shown on more "top posts" of hashtags, and be seen by more people (search/explore). All of these will help you with Instagram's algorithm!
  • Meeting more people in your niche -- The best part of support pods is the community! It's a place to ask questions, give advice, and learn more about your favorite social media platform. It's just another way to form a community with people in your niche!

How do I Create a Support Pod?

  • Create a group on text, Instagram, Facebook, or a similar app.
  • Ask your favorite social media followers/bloggers in your same niche to join your support pod
  • Start posting your posts + features for optimal engagement
  • Follow, like, and comment on every post. (Tip: Be genuine + make sure to comment more than 4 words. Less than 4 and it will not count as engagement for Instagram's algorithms) 

Join a Support Pod NOW! -Edited 8/26/17

I just created a support pod on Facebook for bloggers (or those soon to launch their blogs)! It's called BSL Community and it's a place for bloggers to support other bloggers! I created this group so bloggers can connect, network, and grow in this community together ❤️ There are daily Instagram & blog link threads so we can grow our engagement together! Join here.