Get Halloween Ready with YumEarth

I am SO excited to celebrate Halloween this year with Aimery. Last year, for his first Halloween, Aimery was only two months old so we put him in a "my first Halloween" onesie and went out to get free Chipotle. Now that Aimery is able to walk, I can't wait to take him trick or treating this year, even if it's only to a few houses. We brought out the halloween decorations and candy early this year and put Aimery in his little costume! Isn't he the cutest Tigger?

IMG_2939 2.jpg

  Our family really tries to live an all-natural and vegan lifestyle. Just because we eat healthy most of the time, that doesn't mean we can't have sweets sometimes! Life is all about balance. When it comes to halloween candy, we choose YumEarth. One reason we choose YumEarth over other brands is because YumEarth uses fruit and vegetable juices to color their candy, you won't find any food dye in their products. They also do not put any high fructose corn syrup into their candy, they use organic cane sugar and organic brown rice syrup to sweeten their products! YumEarth has a variety of products including lollipops, gummy bears, licorice, fruit snacks, sours, hard candies, and vitamin C drops! They all taste AMAZING, YumEarth lollipops are our favorite!


All of YumEarth's candies, except for their gummy bears, are certified USDA Organic. Their products, including the natural flavors that go into their products, are certified by the National Organic Plan. You can read more about the USDA's National Organic Program here. Along with being mostly organic and vegan, YumEarth's products are gluten free. They are also mostly free from major food allergens like peanut and tree nuts. So if your little one has a common allergy, whatever they are allergic to most likely won't be in these products! 


YumEarth also is eco-friendly with their packaging. The majority of their packaging is made in a factory with equipment that is powered by 100% wind- generated electrical energy! Read more about Leadership in Energy and Electrical Design (LEED) here.  I absolutely love companies that are taking steps to be healthier for both us and the planet. 


YumEarth is our candy of choice for Halloween this year! You can shop online here or find it at a retailer near you. What family traditions does your family do to celebrate halloween? Comment below!

This post is sponsored by YumEarth! Thanks for supporting the brands who support this blog! All opinions are my own.