10 Reasons Why Being a Single Parent is Awesome

I'm sure I don't have to tell you how hard it is to be a single parent. Between all the stress and struggle, it can seem like single parenting is downright impossible some days. But even though parenting solo is difficult, there are actually a lot of positives too! If you are a newly single mom, then I hope this post encourages you to know that single parenting really is awesome! 

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You don't have to share your donuts with anyone else

Well, with another adult at least. But I think we can all agree that sharing food with a super cute two year old isn't reallyyy sharing at all. And if you are having a hard day and don't want to share, then just find a few good hiding places until after bedtime where you can have all the snacks to yourself. 


You get to parent exactly how you want to

No more fighting with your partner about how you decide to parent. You get to make all the decisions and do exactly what you think is best for your child when it comes to raising and disciplining them, and all the little things in between. What you say always goes. That's it.

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You are more motivated

You're doing EVERYTHING by yourself now... is it possible to be more awesome? You are constantly trying to complete over 100 tasks. And you work hard until they are all completed. And then you wake up the next day and do the same thing all over again. You learn how to manage your time better. You are more motivated at work, at home, and just in general. You find time to do all the little tasks, and also find time for yourself (some days!).


You can watch whatever you want to after bedtime

No more compromising watching your favorite shows because your partner wants to watch something else. Want to start New Girl over for the 10th time on Netflix this month? You do you girl. No one is going to stop you.

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You set your own schedule and routine

You get to do YOU. 100% of the time. Even if you have a visitation schedule with the other parent, you get to figure out how that works best in your own routine. You get to decide which activities you and your children do every day. You don't have to factor in the other parent's schedule. It's pretty great not having to add another person into the mix. 


You get ALL the love and first moments

Being a single parent, you get to be there for most of their firsts. Whether it's there first word, the first time they go down the slide at the playground, or their first day of school, you get to see it all in action. And you get to be proud because YOU are the one who supported them to do it!

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Your kids are more independent 

You and your kids are VERY close. You have an unbreakable bond with your children because you are all they have. But since it is just you, they also had to learn very quickly to also be independent because you can't always give all your time to them! Your kids are more independent because they know when it's time to play on their own so you can work, and they know when it's time to have fun together as a family. Don't ever feel guilty if you can't always give your children your undivided attention -- it makes them stronger!


Your home is more peaceful

If you never thought you would be a single parent, then odds are you were in a toxic relationship prior to becoming a single parent. Now that it's just you and your kids, your home is probably more peaceful because you are no longer living in a toxic environment. There's less disagreements, arguing and abuse now that the other parent is gone. You are able to create a healthy environment for your children which is what they need the most!


You don't have to share the bed with anyone else

It may be hard learning how to sleep alone, but you'll get over it once you learn to love having the whole king size bed to yourself. Well, unless you co-sleep, but then you have someone cute to cuddle so who's complaining about that?!


You get to show your children that you are strong, and maybe even show them what true love is

Being a single parent is the hardest job out there. And you chose it because you are strong. Your children see you working hard to solely provide for them. They see all the little things you do for them and they love you for it. And maybe,  you might be able to show them what it means to be in a healthy relationship with two people that truly love one another. That's all we want for our kids, right?