I have gotten so many requests for a blog post that talks about what my days look like being a single mom and business owner! Now that Aimery and I are officially in our fall routine, I figured now was the best time to let you see a glimpse of our life. In this post, I’ll be sharing what a normal day looks for us (when we aren’t traveling), and how I make time to be with Aimery, run my business, stay fit, and keep up a great skincare routine every day.


I am often asked how I make time for it all. Having Aimery 100% of the time. Being self-employed. Staying fit. I’ll let you into my secret for how I make time… I work while the rest of you are sleeping 😉. But really. My day starts at 5AM so I can be up an hour before I need to wake Aimery up. I love waking up before him because it gives me time to focus on myself. I make a pot of coffee, wash my face with my favorite Ocean Cleanser, answer some emails, and pack both of our bags for work/preschool. I wake up Aimery and drop him off to preschool in time for me to start working around 7:30AM.


I spend the four hours while Aimery is at preschool answering emails, hopping on phone calls, and working for all of my VA SERVICE clients. After I pick up Aimery, we spend an hour running errands and/or going to the park before he is down for his 1PM nap and I’m back to work! This time, I’m focusing on my own social media platforms and talking to companies about current and future campaign opportunities. I do pretty much everything social media marketing related - I create content for brands to use in their own social media platforms, email newsletters, and recently I’ve also been creating content for company websites!

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When Aimery wakes up from his nap, we head to the gym for two hours (they have an AWESOME child watch program where Aims gets to be active too!). I spend the first hour writing blog posts, and the second hour lifting weights, running, and taking a yoga class. We then head home to make a quick dinner, do some cleaning, and play before I get Aimery ready for bed. Once he is in bed, I spend an hour taking care of myself - which includes my nightly skin routine. If you have been reading my blog posts for a while, you know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Osea Malibu’s organic + vegan skincare. After using Osea for the last two years, I never want to use anything else!


My nightly skincare routine begins with Osea’s Ocean Cleanser. It’s a pre-wash, makeup remover, face cleanser… all in one! It’s hydrating, exfoliating, and smells AMAZING. After using the cleanser, I use a few pumps of Brightening Serum which makes my skin look like I got 12 hours of sleep when in reality I’m lucky if I get four! It brightens your complexion, diminish the look of dark spots, and give you a more even skin tone. It’s pretty much a miracle serum.


Next up is the Atmosphere Protection Cream - a light moisturizer that protects your skin against climate changes, which is perfect during this time of year. It also makes a great primer for makeup or to moisturize before applying sunscreen. Once a week, I’ll also do either a White Algae Mask (my favorite!) or Vitamin C Probiotic Polish. You can also combine both of these products to make an awesome brightening facial!


Taking even just 10 minutes at night to focus on my skin is really important to me, as it allows me to practice self-love before jumping back into working all night long! How do you make time for yourself every day? Comment in the section below!