After School Snack Idea for Busy Moms

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Since Aimery started preschool this year, I am constantly running to drop off/pick up, along with all the other activities he has going on in the evenings. We are very busy during the week, so finding snacks that he can eat while at home and also on the go after school is important! Today, we were able to have an after school picnic and enjoy the beautiful spring weather. Keep reading for our favorite after school snack ideas that keep Aimery going!



Our go-to snack lately has beenBetty Lou’s Fruit Bars! With my peanut allergy and sensitivity to gluten, we still aren’t sure what Aimery may or may not be allergic too, so I’m careful with how often I give him snacks that include the popular food allergies! I love to give Aimery Betty Lou’s Fruit Bars because they do not contain any of the 8 major food allergens identified by the FDA. They are great to bring to school as a snack or to toss into a lunch bag since they are school safe. You can protect both your own children and their peers by packing a fruit bar that doesn’t include food allergens


Not only do Betty Lou’s Fruit Bars taste amazing, but all sugars come from natural fruit and fruit juice. I love being able to give Aimery a snack that tastes like pie while being naturally sweetened! Our favorite flavors are blueberry, blackberry, and apple cinnamon. I always bring these bars along to play dates since most of Aimery’s friends are gluten-free. It’s always great knowing I can bring these bars along to any activity, and no child will feel left out due to their allergy. These bars give Aimery and his friends the energy they need to run and play after a long day of preschool!


Betty Lou’s Fruit Bars also contain no GMOs and they are vegan. I feel great knowing that Betty Lou’s Fruit Bars are a healthier snack option for Aimery that will keep him going from school to soccer practice! I picked up Betty Lou’s Fruit Bars at Walmart, and you can either shop in-store or online at Betty Lou’s Inc!


What are your favorite ways to enjoy after school snacks? Comment below!