Chocolate Tofu Pudding

Thank you House Foods for sponsoring this post.


Although it isn’t always easy, I do what I can to have healthy eating habits in our home. My son is such a picky eater, so it can be difficult to get him to eat foods that have a healthy twist. Normally he can smell out every vegetable I try to hide in his favorite foods - nothing gets by him! I have had to be reallyyy sneaky lately to hide nutrient-dense foods into his 5 food groups (you know - chicken nuggets, pizza, mac and cheese, yogurt, and dessert). This week, I managed to sneak something that may seem crazy into his pudding… Tofu! Yes, you read that right!


Can you believe that my toddler ate tofu pudding? Who would have thought?! Surely not me, but then again, raising a toddler is full of surprises. This House Foods Chocolate Tofu Pudding recipe is amazing as it has the same smooth texture of regular pudding, with the chocolate taste your family loves! Obviously, there’s no way I EVER could have come up with this idea on my own - I found it in the Tales of Tofu!


House Foods is passionate about helping children and families eat healthier, so they teamed up with Melissa Rauch to create the amazing children’s ebook, The Tales of Tofu. This ebook is made to introduce kids to this less familiar foods that are also good for them! In this ebook, the little tofu learns how to mix easily with other foods, all while your kids are following along! It also encourages children to get cooking with their parents in the kitchen with the easy-to-prepare recipes in the book.


Our favorite recipe is the House Foods Chocolate Tofu Pudding! Are you looking to get your children excited about trying new things like tofu in their favorite meals? Download a free digital copy of The Tales of Tofu by heading over to!