An Open Letter to Aimery on His Birthday


Over this past year, I've been waiting anxiously for Aimery to grow up and become more independent, and at the same time I also find myself grieving every time I think about him no longer being a newborn. I long for Aimery to stay small and innocent, but also watch in wonder of which new personality traits, development, and interests that Aimery will wake up with every day. Time flies by WAY to quickly when you are a parent. I feel as though I have to mentally take time every day to process the little moments or else time just slips away from me.

If you've been following along, then you'll know that Aimery and I have been traveling a lot this summer. Yesterday we were flying home from spending a few days in Canada - we were up in Toronto with Aimery's father, his girlfriend, and family to celebrate Aimery's birthday. Our flight home was just a few hours before Aimery turned two, so it was the last flight he will ever be a lap child. He fell asleep almost immediately and just snuggled into my arms and it was by far, one of the best mom moments I have ever had. I started to tear up as I just processed everything that has happened for us over the last year and how we ended up where we are today. I can't believe my baby boy is two years old.

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Dear Aimery,

Happy birthday bubba, you are 2! God created the most beautiful, little boy in you and I'm so blessed to be your mama. I couldn't imagine even a day without you, as you continue to bring so much happiness and purpose into my life. Even on the days where I'm tired, stressed, and just can't handle one more spilled sippy cup, I still miss you the moment you are asleep and always have the urge to take you out of your crib just to hold you for a few more minutes. Everything you do is so perfect, from the first moment you wake up in the morning and immediately ask to be held with your blanket and puppy, to kissing me goodnight and saying "I love you" at bedtime. You have always been advanced for your age, and recently you have shown me just how smart and eager to learn you are! From counting to ten to naming your body parts, you are learning more everyday and talking so much. You are always so friendly to strangers with that super cute smile, and more recently, you've been yelling "dance!" out in public and start spinning around. You brighten so many days of people we don't even know. You love to be independent, which is something that you probably had to learn faster then most children your age with me being a single mom. You now insist on putting on your shoes, trying new things without help, and unbuckling your car seat all on your own. This year has been a crazy one, but I'm reminded every single day that I made the best decisions when I see how happy we both are. Moving forward, this year will be a great one - you're starting preschool, joining a soccer team, and I'm so excited to continue to watch you grow into the incredible young man I know that you will become.

You are my entire world, Aimery. I love you more then anything. 


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