Fort James Beach, Antigua

We took Aimery to see the ocean for the first time.

We weren't planning on going to the beach for a while once we moved here because we knew how chaotic it was going to be (read more about why we moved to Antigua here).  Not only to settle in, but get Aimery back on a routine, open a bank account, look for daycares, and somehow work in the middle of all of it!  But, to our surprise, the weekend we moved to Antigua was actually a holiday weekend and EVERYTHING was closed. Grocery stores, banks, basically the whole island was shut down including the place to get internet. So, because everywhere was closed, it forced us to take a three-day vacation and enjoy a beautiful beach located only five minutes away from our home, Fort James Beach (there are like 5 beaches within a 5 min drive... be jealous 😉 ).  

It was the most amazing experience; seeing his eyes stare at the ocean in wonder. I could tell that he had no idea what to expect. He was very afraid at first. He hated the sand and screamed at every wave. After a few minutes though, he was slashing away at the water like it was his own very very large personal salty bathtub!

Did you know that Antigua and Barbuda has 365 beaches? I have no clue how they fit that many beaches on the tiny little islands, but my goal is to go to all of them! Maybe within the next 365 days... who knows 😉 At least I can check Fort James Beach off my list!

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