Social Media Influencing - Fullbottle Review

Have you ever wondered how people make money on Instagram? Or, are you a blogger/creator looking for more ways to find brands to work with? If you have been following me on Instagram, you'll know that my hubby & I recently quit our jobs to work full time on Instagram creating content on social media and coming up with marketing campaigns for companies! Today I want to share my secret on how we work with huge brands like Pampers and Tampax on an everyday basis so that way YOU can work with them also! We recently found Fullbottle, an influencer marketing site that allows you to make money from brands that you use on an everyday basis! Too lazy to search for more info about them on google? No worries! I am here to give you a quick review.

If you want to check out Fullbottle yourself, check out my link here! Use my link or else I'll come hunt you down. ;)

What is Fullbottle?

Fullbottle is an influencer marketing site that makes it easy for you to create content for brands and get paid. You make content for the brands you love, and get cash for doing it! Fullbottle is a great service that allows you to get paid for having fun doing content creation. The best thing about Fullbottle is that you are able to have the flexibility to apply to create for brands on your own time. Some brands that are on Fullbottle include American Apparel, Pabst, P&G, Revlon, Pepsi, and Almay. Fullbottle is my FAVORITE influencer site because it's so easy.

And no, I'm not getting paid to say that.

Content Creation can be fun!

Content Creation can be fun!

How do I apply?

It is so easy to sign up as a creator for Fullbottle and ANYONE with an Instagram or Facebook account can join! All you have to do is give your name, email address, and create a password. After confirming your email address, you log in and verify your Instagram account (note: your profile can not be private!). Once verified, you let Fullbottle know your interests and then you have access to the site! Although Fullbottle must review your registration, you'll still have access to check out the website in the meantime!

How do I apply for a project?

Applying for projects on Fullbottle is SO EASY. Unlike other influencer websites that make you jump through hoops (and some even make you buy the products first! like what?!), Fullbottle takes almost no time to apply! All you have to do is upload a photo and a rough draft of a caption that you may use if you are accepted for the gig. If you already have a photo of the product taken -- great, use that one! If not, upload a photo that you already have that you plan to re-make for the brand. I always use an old photo and write in the notes what I plan take for their product! For the caption -- make sure to check out the company's notes of what you want to include to get an idea of what they want to see. Also include all necessary hashtags and mentions!

An example of a brand you may work for & their requirements!

An example of a brand you may work for & their requirements!

It's bidding time!

After including a photo and caption, it's time to bid! Fullbottle pays you using a price per like format. This is really useful for content creators like us because it's fair to everyone! Fullbottle makes it really easy to decide what to bid by giving you a suggested price. All you have to do is write an estimated amount of likes that you normally get per photo after 72 hours of posting! It's just an estimate - don't worry if your photo doesn't gain that many likes, you'll still get paid if you get less or more! After putting in your bid, hit that submit button!

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It's time to submit your bid! How many likes do you normally get per photo?

It's time to submit your bid! How many likes do you normally get per photo?

How do I know if I get approved?

Keep an eye on your email so you can get notified immediately if your submission has been approved! Fullbottle will send you an email if you receive the gig or not, so there's no need to constantly log into the site. Don't worry if you don't get accepted the first time! There are plenty more campaigns to apply for!

You got accepted! Now what?

After receiving your congratulations email, you now have to revise your submission with the notes that the company includes. If you uploaded a draft photo, you'll have to take a photo of the product itself. Sometimes the company will also ask you to fix your caption if there is anything missing! Make sure you act fast, normally there is a deadline to submit your revision and you don't want to miss it! After completing your revision, you'll receive a confirmation email with your date to post. Make sure to post on that date with the same photo and caption you used on Fullbottle!

Sneak peak of an ad we are posting for Pampers tomorrow! Like it when you see it! ;)

Sneak peak of an ad we are posting for Pampers tomorrow! Like it when you see it! ;)

I posted! Now, how do I get paid?

Once you post to Instagram, be sure to copy and paste your URL to your submission on Fullbottle. Your post will then be live and collect likes from your photo, showing you how much you're getting paid!

There are a couple of options for how you can get paid on Fullbottle. You have the option to get paid by check or Paypal. Once you decide, give Fullbottle your information so you can get paid! For tax reasons, you'll also have to sign a document for Fullbottle. There is a different form for creators in the US and internationally -- so make sure you sign the right one! Once the 72 hours are up, you'll receive an email that will let you know when you should expect to be paid by! 

A recent ad for Tampax that I found on  Fullbottle !

A recent ad for Tampax that I found on Fullbottle!

I hope you are able to network with some AMAZING brands through using Fullbottle! Good luck everyone! Comment below with your Instagram handle, so I can like the posts that you do for Fullbottle! Every like counts ;)

Also, are there any Influencer platforms that you just LOVE? If so, comment them below!


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