Postpartum Basket for New Moms

All new moms tend to always make sure their nursery is ready, car seat is installed, and the baby has everything he needs. But what about what the mom needs post delivery? Keep reading for after birth must-haves for yourself or another expecting mom in your life.


I am all about the new trend of celebrating new moms with a postpartum party instead of a typical baby shower! After having Aimery, I remember having hundreds of toys and clothes that he outgrew before even having the chance to wear... but NOTHING to get me through the first few weeks postpartum.  I had to run to the store only a few days postpartum to pick up some of the things on this list! Needless to say, long gone are the days I show up at a baby shower with another cute onesie. Whenever I get invited to a baby shower, I always bring a gift basket for the mom with everything she’ll need for the first few weeks postpartum! On my list you’ll find 10 things every new mom needs! 

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I swear this must be the #1 thing all new moms forget to buy. Before having Aimery, I thought I was going to exclusively breastfeed as least for the first few months. Little did I know I would be breaking out the breast pump 24 hours after coming home from the hospital! I really wish I had these storage bags on hand because it would have been so much more convenient then having 10 bottles of pumped milk in the fridge! 


Those first few days postpartum is not the time to look cute. It's time to be comfortable! I bought so many cute nursing bras to use after giving birth and I NEVER used them. I loved sport/training nursing bras because they allowed for easy nursing and pumping! These are the bras I used with Aimery. Soooo comfortable!


We all know the early days of nursing SUCK. Let's make it a little easier.  These therapy packs are life changing. They help with relieving engorgement, plugged ducts, and mastitis. They also encourage milk let-down!

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Nursing is not for the weak. Have less "ouch!" moments with this nipple cream


I had NO IDEA these existed when I had Aimery and OMG was I missing out. I'm definitely going to be ordering these nipple shields the next time around!


Firming cream is survival during the fourth trimester. This is my favorite because it smells amazing and works miracles for firming skin after giving birth.

IMG_9754 (1).jpg


When I had Aimery, I never really got around to wearing baby wraps. But I could definitely see myself trying it out when I have another baby and have to keep up with Aimery at the same time! I've heard incredible things about this baby wrap and plan to give them out to all my pregnant besties this year. 


Advil. All the Advil Liqui-Gel.


Not so glamorous. But we all need 'em. These are best for postpartum.


We're talking survival. Plus, when you're breastfeeding you're still eating for two! Keep your blood sugar up with this chocolate

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Toss everything into a pretty basket to show love to a new mom in your life. What are some things you would add to this list? Comment below!