Home Office on a Budget


If you've been keeping up our crazy life over the last year, then you'll know that Aims and I moved back in with my parents last October to small town York, PA. I was in the middle of a custody battle and a divorce, so it just seemed like the best thing for us to do. Like I wrote about in Aimery's nursery post, I definitely was not planning on staying with my parents this long. But I am so thankful my family has allowed us to live with them during this stage of life.


One of my goals for this year is to move out after the holidays. Which means we'll be staying here for at least another six months! I decided it was time to create a home office space where I could be alone to work. This space was MUCH needed since I work from home every day. I really needed a space to spark my creativitiy and keep me motivated during the day! My budget for my home office was $250 and I really did create a space my dreams are made of!


I picked up everything you see in these photos during an impulse trip to Target! This beautiful white and gold desk was under 60$, and has plenty of work space! I'm planning on buying some cute organizer bins for the space beneath the desk for office supplies. 


This chair was surprisingly comfortable since it's not a typical office chair! It's a cute style to buy for your office if you are on a budget. When I go to upgrade, I'm definitely getting this one - it's SO beautiful and has great reviews! This rug is double sided with a play mat on the other side! When I have to watch Aimery while working from home, I flip it over for him to play on. It's super cool! Also, I had to grab this blanket because it was SO soft. Aimery actually found it and brought it to me, so how could I say no?!


This gold lamp was a total steal at under $12! It's the perfect brightness for getting work done in my low-lit room. And this faux cactus is also great for my lifestyle of never keeping plants alive. 


This marble and gold tray is exactly what I've been needing my entire life. I pretty much cried when I saw it, and then cried again when it was only 25 bucks. Like how.