This post was sponsored by Revlon Hair Tools as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.


The #1 question I ALWAYS get from you girls is how I curl my hair! Today I’m letting you in to all of my little hair secrets to how I get these beautiful curls for every day styles! I love this simple look because it’s effortless while still being totally stunning. Over this last year, I’ve gone back and forth with how I curl my hair. I’ve been going with the side part with loose waves for a while now and it’s definitely my go-to since I have a rounder face!


My hair is naturally straight-wavy, so I’m constantly using heat on it to style it how I want! The process of styling my hair is pretty straight forward and super easy. I start with wet hair and always blow out my hair with the Revlon Perfect Style Extra Large Paddle Hair Brush. I blow out my hair after every wash because it gives my hair a ton of volume, and I find that it is easier to style! The Extra Large Paddle Brush is great because it reduces drying time (because who has time to blow dry their hair in the first place?!). It even has IONIC TECHNOLOGY® infused bristles to help dry hair fast while retaining moisture and reducing friz, which gives you quick dry time and makes it healthier for your hair!


In this post, I’m using Revlon Hair Tools  Long Lasting Curls 3X Ceramic 3/4 curling iron  to give me these beautiful curls. My favorite thing about this curling iron is that it heats up in 30 seconds and goes up to 400 degrees, so curling my hair is SUPER quick! This curling iron has three layers of ceramic coating that protects hair from over-styling. It has even heat distribution that styles from the inside out for less heat damage!


For quick curls, I like to separate my hair using my favorite Revlon Extra Thick Elastics so I can focus on one part of my hair at a time. These elastics are great for us girls with full hair because they don’t pull or damage! Once I have my hair separated, I like to curl my hair away from my face on each side. On the right side of my face, I pull my hair down and around around the wand of my curling iron going clockwise, and counter-clockwise on the left side. This allows for a natural look that will hold all day long! I always do quick, tight curls so they hold longer!


Once I’m done curling my hair, I take my Extra Large Paddle Brush to quickly go through my curls to give them a more natural look. And just like that, your effortless curls are done! Best part about all of this is that you can pick up all of these hairtools at Walmart!