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Self-Love Journey

Up until a year ago, I was obsessed with my appearance. I was constantly on a juice cleanse or a trendy diet, working out twice a day, and skipping meals to fit what I thought was my “best image”. That image was two sizes smaller then I am today. That image was missing out on ice cream dates with my toddler, going out with my friends, and eating carbs on thanksgiving. I made a decision a while ago to continue living a healthy lifestyle, while no longer being obsessed over a number on a scale. And I did it for Aimery! Aimery watches everything I do. He listens to every word I say. And I NEVER want him to hear me make negative comments about my body, because I never want him to have negative ideas about himself. My goal is to be an example of a healthy and happy lifestyle to him, so he can grow up confident knowing that his body is healthy, strong, and capable of climbing every mountain.

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