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There are few things I love more in life then office supplies that help me be more organized and productive! Gold planners, pretty pens, and file folders are EVERYTHING. I can not work in a space that is cluttered and disorganized, it makes me crazy! I recently gave myself a much-needed office space upgrade and kept these three things in mind while organizing my space. Keep reading!

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Home Office on a Budget

If you've been keeping up our crazy life over the last year, then you'll know that Aims and I moved back in with my parents last October to small town York, PA. I was in the middle of a custody battle and a divorce, so it just seemed like the best thing for us to do. Like I wrote about in Aimery's nursery post, I definitely was not planning on staying with my parents this long. But I am so thankful my family has allowed us to live with them during this stage of life.

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