From Antigua to Florida

Less then two months ago we moved to Antigua, and now we're leaving. On Thursday.

Say whaaaat!?

The reason we moved to Antigua was to start our own business in Social Media Marketing & Consulting and stay here long enough until we were stable enough to leave (Read more about our move to Antigua here). We knew that starting our own business was probably not going to be easy, so we figured that trying it out on a beautiful island was the best way to go. Antigua allowed us to have a place to be stable until our business took off. We had NO idea that it would take off within the first month of being here.

Not only is our business taking off, but we are missing out on opportunities staying here. Everything we import is subject to 49.5% tax, shipping is a nightmare, a lot of companies won't ship overseas, and I am missing out on having a local blogger community (which is by far the most important thing for me). 

It all happened so fast. One day, I was working over 12 hours every day and not sure what response I was going to get in return; and the next day, I'm working with companies like Pampers & Google. And now, in order to grow my business, I need to live in the US so we can continue to work with amazing companies and create beautiful content. The content creating in Antigua has been amazing, but it is a very small island (~90,000 people live here) and it is very difficult to expand out business here. 

Last week, Dev and I sat down and started talking about what we should do. Should we stay in Antigua and not grow our business because it's easy to live here? Or should we refuse to settle and push forward with this amazing opportunity to grow our business? There was no wrong answer to this question. Antigua is beautiful and things were going well enough for us to stay and continue working, but we wanted more.

If you know Dev & I at all, then you know the decision to move wasn't difficult to make. We've got goals.

Where to Next?
We are flying into NYC on Thursday night, and then we'll be renting a car to visit my family in PA for a couple of weeks. I'm really excited to visit my family and friends after such a long time away.  At the end of August, we'll be moving down to Florida to settle for a bit. That is, until our next adventure. 

Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of our journey so far. Much love.