My Favorite Plant-Based Seaweed Skincare: Oseamalibu

Ever since moving to the ocean, my skin is bright, hydrated, and clear of imperfections. This got me thinking, why can't skincare be made of natural seaweed so that I could have that this clear skin wherever I travel? After doing some research, I found Oseamalibu -- a female-founded, family-run company in Malibu, California that is passionate about using natural plants from the ocean to give you the BEST skincare. Osea (pronounced "OH-SEE-YAH) puts USDA certified organic seaweed into their products, because they believe that seaweed is a nutrient-dense superfood that is quickly absorbed in the skin. Osea is passionate about using ingredients and packaging that is non-toxic, vegan, cruely-free, and gluten-free!

I tried out the Osea Blemish Prone Essentials (with the black algae mask instead of the red!), which includes the Red Algae Mask (read more about the Red Algae Mask here), Essential Corrective Complex, Blemish Balm, and Ocean Cleaning Mudd. Dev and I had "Facial Friday" this past week to try out all of the Oseamalibu products! I first washed my face with the Ocean Cleaning Mudd, and to be honest, my skin was VERY sensitive to it! I've heard that if your skincare burns, that means it's working, but the first time I used this product I had to wash this cleanser off right away because I couldn't leave it on! I know that some people love the tingling sensation when they clean their face, but it was too much for my sensitive skin. I tried the Cleaning Mudd again and I was able to leave it on for longer the second time. I loved the result; it opened my pores and left my skin clean. Next, Dev and I tried out the Black Algae Mask and LOVED it (yes, he did too!). It was cooling, hydrating, and our skin was so soft and clean after! I followed my mask with the Essential Corrective Complex, a essential oil solution that helps breakouts, and it is definitely my new favorite spot treatment! Next up was the Blemish Balm, an INCREDIBLE moisturizer that was a perfect follow up for the Black Algae Mask and Essential Corrective Complex! It left my skin feeling hydrated and refreshed. This Blemish Balm is now a part of my skincare routine -- I use it twice daily! 

Osea sends out free samples with every order and gives free shipping for orders over $75. You can check out their plant-based seaweed skincare here. I would definitely recommend trying these products out if you are looking for a new skin care routine, or if you are looking to try one out for the first time. It makes for a great date night too! If you end up trying any of these products out, or if you already have, let me know in the comments below! I definitely don't tell you guys to go out and buy every product I review, but I love supporting smaller companies that have amazing products that actually work.