Five Must-Have Products While Having Fun in the Sun: Moroccanoil Review

Living the island life is definitely the best! I love being able to lay out in the sun all day and run around on the beach with Aimery. But with the excess sun exposure comes the need for UVA/UVB protection and instant hydration for my skin. I recently fell in love with Moroccanoil products because they allow my sensitive skin to stay hydrated while in the sun. Moroccanoil was inspired by the amazing benefits of argan oil, which is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that keep my skin and hair healthy. Here are my five must-have products for while having fun in the sun!


Let me just say, Moroccanoil® Body Buff (Fragrance Originale) is my new favorite exfoliator! I use this body buff twice a week to gently polish away dead skin cells. I normally use it on days that we don't go to the beach because this buff is made with exfoliating sand! This scrub was inspired by the Mediterranean sea, as it's made with argan oil, sesame oils, cocoa butter, and a mix of other great ingredients that give lasting hydration to your skin. I tried this body buff with their Fragrance Originale, the signature Moroccanoil®  scent, and it smells INCREDIBLE.

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I have always been obsessed with Moroccanoil Treatment for my hair. I first started using it in high school and since then I've never wanted to use anything else! I use this treatment on my hair every single day before styling my hair. By using this product, my hair stays silky, shiny and healthy regardless of the constant heat I use for styling (guilty!). This treatment is perfect for conditioning, styling, and finishing. It is truly helpful for all of your hair needs! 

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Moroccanoil After Sun Milk has recently become my favorite product because it hydrates my skin after a day at the beach. This product has coconut and passion fruit oils that keeps my skin hydrated after being out in the harsh sun all day. Its fast-absorbing formula not only nourishes the skin, but it also helps extend that tan that you just worked all day for! It includes aloe, argan oil, and vitamin E to help the skin recover and stay hydrated. It's definitely a must after even an hour outside!

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Everyone needs a good sunscreen! Because my skin is so sensitive, I always go with sun lotion with the highest SPF -- in my case, that means Moroccanoil Sun Lotion SPF 50! This is my new favorite sunscreen because it includes antioxidant rich-argan oil and Vitamin E that protects and hydrates my skin! Not only does it protect me from harmful rays, it's also water-resistant for up to 40 minutes so I don't have to worry about getting burnt while I enjoy a short swim. I'm confident while using Moroccanoil Sun Lotion because I don't have to worry about my skin becoming damaged due to the sun. 

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Sometimes we all need a little help with our sun-kissed glow! Sun Oil SPF 15 by Moroccanoil Sun™ helps enhance the tanning process while still giving you SPF 15 protection to help protect from harmful UVA/UVB rays. It's water resistant up to 80 minutes ant not only hydrates, but also nourishes the skin with argan oil and Vitamin E. I love to use this product while working on my tan!

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What are your beach day must haves?



I have been sponsored by Moroccanoil for this post; however, I am sharing my own thoughts. All opinions are my own.