5 Healthy Snack Options, Kid-Approved!

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Who doesn’t love a good snack? We are always snacking in our home and also while on the go, so keeping healthy options in our kitchen is a total must. Since Aimery and I are both pretty active between working out at the gym and playing sports, I always try to incorporate more protein into our diet. Aimery definitely loves his sweets, but I do NOT love the sugar crash that comes along with it! Even with the pickiest toddler (I know all about that!) you can still find snack options that work for both you and your kids. I have found 5 healthy snack options that work for both me and my picky toddler to keep us going through the day… Keep reading for the list!


Our 5 Healthy Snack Options, Kid Approved!

  • Peanut Butter / Peanut Butter and Chocolate nutter puffs

  • Hummus and carrots

  • Apple slices and almond butter

  • Fruit smoothie with fresh fruit + protein powder

  • Greek yogurt with berries + granola

Our #1 snack option is nutter puffs, made by popchips! They’re a REAL peanut butter snack in the form of crispy corn puffs, and I was shocked to find out that these have 5g of protein per serving! They are perfectly snackable, so they aren’t messy for Aims. I feel content knowing that they are non-GMO, low calorie and gluten free, with no trans fats or preservatives! Aimery LOVES them, just take a look at that face in the photo below!


The peanut butter and chocolate nutter puffs seriously taste like a dessert while being a healthier snack option for keeping up our active lifestyle. With only 130 calories per serving, it’s a great snack for all ages! They are the perfect anytime snack, whether you are running errands around town or for your late night munchies. Aimery always enjoys his nutter puffs right after school while doing his favorite art projects. He would eat a whole bag in one sitting if I let him!


You can shop for nutter puffs at your local store or on Amazon! Click here for more information about nutter puffs. Comment your favorite kid-approved healthy snack options in the comments below!