Gluten Free Summer Snack

This post is sponsored by on behalf of Popchips


Suns out, Snacks out! Am I right? Once Aimery is out of school, our schedule gets a lot more hectic! Sometimes it’s hard to find better-for-you snack ideas that are convenient to take on adventures of any size!  Popchips are the perfect summer time snack to bring on a trip to the pool or on your summer road trip, since they are perfect for sharing with friends and family on the go. We have found a snack that satisfies Aimery’s taste buds and that as a mom, I can confidently approve of! Popchips is all about creating crave worthy snacks that are made a better way, so we can feel good about what we snack on, without sacrificing on taste. Keep reading for a list of our favorites!


Popchips now makes bold and crunchy Popchips Ridges and protein-packed Nutter Puffs so there's something for everyone! Popchips has a variety of flavors such as sea salt, sour cream and onion, buffalo ranch ridges, BBQ and many more! They even have dessert flavored, so there’s a snacking flavor for every occasion!


Popchips are always gluten free and always under 130 calories per serving! For those on the gluten free diet, this is a great healthy snack option for you! All Popchips are also certified gluten free so for all of you who prefer not to eat gluten, cue your happy dance music… now! Popchips are non-gmo and are never fried. They contain only real ingredients, and even the nutter puffs have 5g of protein and are made with REAL peanut butter. Aimery loves them! You can pick them up at your local store or on Amazon!


Let me know in the comments what your new found favorite Popchips flavor is!