My Anti-Aging Skincare Routine

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Something that I have struggled with while being a mom is keeping up a good skincare routine. By the time the end of the day comes around, I’m sometimes so tired that skincare is the last thing on my mind! More times than I would like to admit, I’ll forget to wash off my makeup and apply my favorite products before going to bed. Since becoming a single mom, I have struggled with making time for my skincare even more and my skin is definitely paying for it now! I have decided that it’s time to start making more time for myself, which includes taking a few minutes every day to develop a great skincare routine.

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If you have been following my blog for a while, then you know that I love products from Osea Malibu. They are the only products I use! Like I wrote about in this post, I love using their face masks weekly. But what about my daily routine? I’ve been getting SO many questions about which products I use every day and why. Keep reading to find out my favorite daily products!

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Before I share my routine, let’s talk about why using anti-aging products is important at ANY age. The best time to prevent pre-mature skin aging is right NOW. Whether you are a fourty-something looking for age-defying benefits, or sixteen year old looking to get a jump start on skincare, it’s important to find products with age-defying benefits.

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Let’s talk about my skincare routine! First thing in the morning, I start my day with the Ocean Cleansing Milk cleanser. This cleanser includes organic algae and water lily to leave your skin feeling soft and clean. At night, I prefer to use the Ocean Cleanser to help remove stubborn makeup. Although both cleansers work great for makeup remover, the Ocean Cleanser is my go to! The Ocean Cleanser is great for removing excess oil and impurities while leaving skin hydrated and refreshed.

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After cleaning my face with my favorite cleanser, next up is the Sea Vitamin Boost! This hydrating mist gives a radiant glow to dry skin. After being outside in the sun all day, this mist allows my skin to be refreshed thanks to the natural ingredients like algae, resveratrol, and pomegranate.

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After using the mist, I absolutely love using the Hyaluronic Sea Serum! This age-defying serum moisturizes with seaweed extracts to deliver a youthful glow. It smoothes wrinkles, fine lines, and hydrates dry skin, while leaving your skin looking years younger.

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Next up is the Advanced Protection Cream, also known as your new favorite moisturizer. I LOVE this cream because it has organic seaweed and avocado oils that help moisturize your face while minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I use this moisturizer because it’s great for anti-aging as it firms the skin!

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Before going to bed, I also apply Anti-Aging Body Balm to the rest of my skin to seal in moisture and leave my skin soft and glowing. It smells like geranium, lavender, and jasmine! I also love using the Rest Linen Mist in my bedroom to restore mental clarity and help with reducing stress so I can sleep peacefully.

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It’s so important for us moms to use anti-aging products daily to keep our skin both hydrated and looking youthful! Comment your favorite products from Osea in the section below!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Osea Malibu. Thank you for supporting the brands who support this blog! All opinions are my own.