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Lemonade Ice Cream

I have always wanted to try making my own ice cream at home, so I finally gave in and ordered this ice cream maker! I LOVE making my own ice cream - it's so easy to make and I get to try out as many flavors as I want! During the summer, Aimery and I have been loving lemonade ice cream... so today I wanted to share a recipe just for fun!

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5 Reasons "Me Time" Makes You a Better Mom

Hey mama! YOU deserve a break today.

Actually, you deserve a break every freaking day. You deserve time alone. Time without your kids or partner or anyone else on the planet. You need "me time" at least once a day. When you take time for yourself, you become a better parent, and it does NOT make you selfish at all. A few minutes away from your family does not make you a bad mom and is not going to break your family. If anything, having "me time" might make your family stronger.

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