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How to Reduce Stomach Bloating this Summer

Hi friends! Let’s get down to business! Ever have those times where you eat way too much at a family picnic? You just couldn’t stop eating all the fruit or the chips and dip were too good to put down? Yeah, me too! Ever have one of those times where you regret it? Your stomach feels so bloated? Yeah, me too! Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there. Well, I would love to share with you a product I found to help me and I’m sure it will help you too! Keep reading to hear all about the perfect remedy for bloating, pressure, and discomfort so you can get back to enjoy that quality family and friends time!

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3 Things You Need For Your Summer Vacation, Period.

Hey girls! We just got home from vacation today, and let me tell you, I’m ready to move back to Florida. The sun, water, and relaxation were just what I needed to kick off the summer. This blog post is a little different from what I normally write, but it is a much needed list for every girl heading somewhere warm in the next couple of months! If you are a guy and not interested in girl talk (including periods) then this post isn’t for you!

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5 Healthy Snack Options, Kid-Approved!

Who doesn’t love a good snack? We are always snacking in our home and also while on the go, so keeping healthy options in our kitchen is a total must. Since Aimery and I are both pretty active between working out at the gym and playing sports, I always try to incorporate more protein into our diet. Aimery definitely loves his sweets, but I do NOT love the sugar crash that comes along with it! Even with the pickiest toddler (I know all about that!) you can still find snack options that work for both you and your kids. I have found 5 healthy snack options that work for both me and my picky toddler to keep us going through the day… Keep reading for the list!

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One of my 2019 goals is to make monthly self-care goals. Being a full time single mama and business owner, I have a hard time making time for myself as I almost always put the needs of others above my own. I have found that in order to be a good mom to Aimery, taking time to focus on myself is SO important. Even just washing my face or conditioning my hair can really make a huge difference!

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Ever since Aimery’s first tooth came in, I’ve been dedicated about brushing his teeth every day. He almost has all of his teeth, we just have his upper second molars to go and then he’ll be all done teething! Im about to schedule Aimery’s first dentist appointment and have been working with him every day to teach him how to properly brush his teeth - and to have fun while doing it. Keep reading for tips on how to make your toddler love to brush his teeth!

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Aimery started to become a picky eater around his second birthday. It came as such a surprise to me since he never fought me about food before! When he first started eating solids, he would eat anything that I made for him. Well, not anymore. Aimery recently went through a phase of only wanting to eat yogurt and chicken nuggets for every single meal. After a week of that, I decided it was time to find some healthier options that he would enjoy eating. And most importantly, options that I would enjoy him eating!

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How is it already October?! Between starting school and going on vacation, it seemed like September just came and went! Now that we are finally falling back into our school routine, I have decided that October is going to be my month to focus on living a healthy lifestyle. Over the last couple of weeks, I have found three things that have really worked for me to incorporate staying active into our back to school routine. Keep reading for the three ways that I’m getting back to being active this fall!

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5 Ways to Create a Great Relationship with your Dog

Being a single mom, it's no surprise that I don't have a lot of time to give Macy much needed attention. Even though I work from home, it's hard to make time for a pet! Over this last month, I've really been making an effort to spend more time with the people in my life, including this little fur baby! Keep reading for 5 ways to create a great relationship with your dog. 

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Developmental Milestones for Two Year Olds

Aimery's second birthday is coming up in a few weeks, and all I can think is "Wow, I made it." Although I'm officially in the terrible twos (well, we've been here a while!), I have finally made it through the hardest years of his life. Don't get me wrong, I have baby fever like crazy and miss the middle of night feedings and the days where he wouldn't run circles around me and yell "NO!". But I also love the little boy that he has become and I'm looking forward to this next stage of life with Aimery.

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5 Reasons "Me Time" Makes You a Better Mom

Hey mama! YOU deserve a break today.

Actually, you deserve a break every freaking day. You deserve time alone. Time without your kids or partner or anyone else on the planet. You need "me time" at least once a day. When you take time for yourself, you become a better parent, and it does NOT make you selfish at all. A few minutes away from your family does not make you a bad mom and is not going to break your family. If anything, having "me time" might make your family stronger.

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3 Tips for Parents Wanting to Live a Healthier Lifestyle

Over the past six months, I have been on a journey to live a healthier lifestyle. Last year, my life was spinning out of control with our move and custody battle! I was completely burned out not taking care of myself. So when 2018 came around, I decided this year was going to be different. I decided to find time that I "didn't have" and go to the gym at least three times a week. I decided to make myself an actual breakfast instead of eating a half-eaten piece of Aimery's leftover toast while running off to work. I started drinking my coffee while it was hot, instead of after it's been microwaved three times and still finishing it cold. Does this sound familiar to you? 

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My Top 5 Goals for 2018

At the end of every year, I like to reflect back on my last year and make goals to better
myself for the coming year. For 2018, the only thing I want is to be healthier. I don't have a
goal like wanting to lose 10 pounds or spend less money (although both of those would be
great!), but my goals are wanting to be healthier both physically and emotionally.

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